What’s Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars Hack is an online multiplayer 3v3 battle. Two teams with three players attack each other. Fight alone, join others at or founding a separate band to play alongside your friends in intense and attractive fights. To be the best, you need only your head and your fingers!

Is Brawl Stars for free?

Download, install and play free. In-game currencies help to speed up the game progress, but the overall game content is also available without. In addition, there are in-game reinforcements such. B. “Brawl Boxes” or new character, which can be purchased with jewels. Purchases made through the in-game shop and run for maximum safety through iTunes and Google Play Games.


Why can not I find Brawl Stars in the AppStore or play goals?

In the beta phase Brawl Stars is only available for iOS in Canada. Supercell hopes to make in the near future more countries and platforms Brawl Stars – so stay on the forum, via reddit, Facebook and on Twitter regarding updates to date!

Why the game will sometimes depend?

Brawl Stars Cheats is available exclusively in Canada. For this reason, the servers support only players from this region. So you play outside of Canada, there may be delays.

Why can not I buy jewels?

Probably are not you from Canada and does not use Canadian AppStore account for the game. Without Canadian currency or Canadian iTunes gift cards, you can also buy any jewels.

Why does Supercell at all beta releases?

If Supercell released a new game, it is first tested in a few selected countries before it will be published globally. The beta phase can then be used to improve your game.