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The Solitary Blade Is at Your Command!

Posted on February 1, 2017  in Blogging, Creep's Blog

The strongest hero in this should be your target to obtain from the first moment you land inside the battle field, and he is the Solitary Blade, he has no limits to his power and his star rate is 5 stars! That is really high and strong, his main unique power is that he can take anyone at a close combat battle, but in range dons he actually cannot perform so well, use the and start getting extra and more heroes, you will have the freedom of choosing between the best and the better ones, of course it is going to be a hard decision since all the heroes you will be having are great, but it still worth the shot.

Follow The Rating System to Understand the Powers Correctly!

The heroes are way different than each other, they got a rating system built inside the game, and it is based on variety of attributes and skills, but first in order to obtain these heroes you should be owning enough amount of orbs in your balance, the heroes will not come for free into your army, and that is a simple thing to happen in this cruel world, each one has a price and these heroes price is the orbs, summon them at the summonses stone, make sure you adjust the attributes accordingly to have the desired powers out of your heroes, in this Fire Emblem Heroes guide we have covered up everything you will to know before entering this game, so read it carefully and follow every single step we have mentioned above.


Enjoy Experiencing Different Heroes Types by Using the Fire Emblem Heroes Hack.

As there are many hero’s types and different game attributes, let’s get things ready and straight to show you the pros and cons of each hero attribute you will be having, and do not forget all these heroes can become yours with a single visit to the Fire Emblem Heroes cheats, having the power and ability to have all this amount of orbs at your hands will make things much better and easier throughout the game, and now as we have mentioned above, let’s head to the hero’s main powers.

Lance: The lancers are usually your front line up men! They are here waiting for your command to die bravely with honor and dignity, they can use their lance at the defending position perfectly, as no one would be able to breach their lines and walls they have performed, but once they are in close combat like 1 versus one combat they get to lose it, because the lance is slow and it is no longer effective against very close combat, and of course the ranged heroes such as bowers and magicians they will deal some significant damage to your lancers, so keep in in such a thing, use the Fire Emblem Heroes cheats to obtain orbs which will automatically enable you to have the counter to the enemy archers already.

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